Weaving with Rush: exploring craft-design collaborations in revitalizing a local craft

Article by Fang-Wu Tung, International Journal of Design (2012)

fang-wu tung

This article describes a research project in which rush weavers and design students worked together to create new home d├ęcor and fashion accessory products, combining rush-woven and mass-produced components.

Excerpt from abstract:

This study aims to explore how designers may collaborate with artisans to unearth new opportunities for a local craft and how designers can make contributions to the artisan community. Rush-weaving is a traditional local handcraft practiced by generations of Taiwanese artisans using indigenous materials to make functional and decorative items.

To research the possibilities of a craft-design collaboration, a monitored project was conducted, where local rush weavers and design students worked together to create new product concepts. Drawing from the collaborative experience, this study proposes a craft-design collaboration process to form the basis of an approach for local craft development and sustainability.

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The full article is freely available via the International Journal of Design website

Images courtesy of Fang-Wu Tung