Designers Meet Artisans: a practical guide

Book published jointly by the Craft Revival Trust, Artesanías de Colombia S.A. and UNESCO

Designers meet artisans

This 164-page book includes a range of case studies from India and Colombia, profiling initiatives in which designers and artisans have collaborated to revitalise traditional and local crafts.

Description from UNESCO website:

The need for this volume arises from the concerns expressed, across all geographical borders, by artisans, craft activists and organizations for closer links between designers and artisans.

In the light of converging lessons learned about the development of effective partnerships, Designers Meet Artisans seeks to be a practical guide to this interaction and the issues that arise in this interface for a well-balanced and mutually beneficial relationship applicable to a broad spectrum of the crafts sector worldwide.

It is as part of UNESCO’s global approach to the cultural and socio-economic role of crafts that Designers Meet Artisans is proposed as a working tool for decision makers, artisans, designers and design institutes, and craft NGOs. The ultimate aim is to help all those involved in the promotion of the crafts sector ask the right questions rather than in delivering unequivocal answers.

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The entire book is available as a pdf download in English, French and Spanish via the UNESCO website