martynevans_drProfessor Martyn Evans, Manchester Metropolitan University
Principal Investigator

Martyn Evans is Professor of Design in Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. As a trained product designer his research interests explore the strategic approaches designers use to consider the future, in particular the ability of designers to envision potential social, cultural, technological and economic futures. Martyn was formerly Head of Department, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University and a founding member of ImaginationLancaster, UK. He is currently co-editing the Wiley Handbook of Design and Innovation.

tom_cassidy2-150x150Professor Tom Cassidy, University of Leeds

Tom Cassidy holds the Chair in Design at the University of Leeds. He is a Fellow of the Design Research Society and has been teaching and researching in design generally, and textile technology and design particularly, over the last 36 years. Tom has supervised many PhD students including a number of projects on the revitalisation of culturally significant patterns and processes and he is currently working with staff in the School of Design looking at the revitalisation of Chinese typography.

stuartwalker_bvrProfessor Stuart Walker, Lancaster University

Stuart Walker is Professor of Design for Sustainability and Co-Director of the ImaginationLancaster creative research centre at Lancaster University, UK. He is also Emeritus Professor, University of Calgary, Visiting Professor, Kingston University, and Adjunct Professor, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto. His research focusses on design for sustainability, especially product design related to place, natural materials, socially responsible processes, and material culture aligned with profound and enduring notions of human meaning. His design work has been exhibited at the Design Museum, London, across Canada and in Rome. His books include: The Spirit of Design, 2011, The Handbook of Design for Sustainability, 2013 and Designing Sustainability, 2014.

Jeyon_webDr Jeyon Jung, Lancaster University

Jeyon Jung is a Senior Research Associate in ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University. Her research interest broadly relates to the strategic use of design through identifying its core values in context. She is particularly interested in how the relation between place, culture, practice and the designed outcomes can be managed successfully through design strategies. Previously, Jeyon was a brand design manager leading projects addressing corporate identity, design policy, and brand strategy in South Korea. She has completed her PhD in Design, exploring the disciplinary core of design as a field of research and practice, in 2015.

Stella Darby, University of Leedsimage of Stella Darby

Stella Darby is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, taking over Amy’s former role in September 2016 to work full-time on the Design Routes project.  Her academic background is in participatory social science research, and she will soon complete her PhD in Human Geography.  Drawing on this experience as well as previous work organising public events, Stella’s work will focus on completing and testing the Design Routes taxonomy of revitalisation strategies with potential users, and supporting a final symposium and exhibition to mark the project’s completion in 2017.

amy-for-webDr Amy Twigger Holroyd, University of Leeds
Researcher (to September 2016)

Amy Twigger Holroyd is Research Fellow in the School of Design, working full-time on the Design Routes project. Through her knitwear label, Keep & Share, she has explored the relationship between design, craft, fashion and sustainability since 2004. Amy completed her PhD in 2013, which explored ‘folk fashion’ (amateur fashion making) as a strategy for sustainability. Through this project, Amy sought to revitalise remaking as an integral element of hand knitting, and an opportunity for creativity.

elenaElena Kate Gifford, Lancaster University
Researcher (to November 2014)

Elena Gifford worked on the project as a Senior Research Associate in Design at ImaginationLancaster from January to November 2014. Elena’s background is in trend research and creative industry entrepreneurship and she has worked with a range of craft makers and art and design businesses. Elena is also the Creative Producer and Co-Curator of large multi venue cultural events through her practice, Deco Publique.