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Exploring the creative ecology of Santa Fe

Stunning New Mexico skyline at Albuquerque airport

We are conducting an in-depth field study in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA to explore the extensive traditional arts and crafts that continue to be made by the local Native American and Hispanic communities. As the second oldest city in the United States, Santa Fe is host to a plethora of museums, galleries, artists and craftspeople and, during the summer months, organises a number of markets that have helped to cement the city as a world-renowned creative and cultural centre. In 2004 the small city was the first in the United States to be designated a UNESCO Creative City (in folk arts and design).

Over the coming months we will be showcasing the extensive traditional arts and crafts activities that continue to thrive in Santa Fe and surrounding region, the work of specific artists and craftspeople who generously welcomed us into their homes, and exploring how the combination of of organisations, museums, galleries, shops and public spaces contribute to such a vibrant creative ecology.

Think aloud

As I explained in the design process blog, we have been trying to use the process model to guide graphic designers/students in the explicit stages of the design process and asking them to think aloud during a particular design exercise to try to capture some of the more implicit thinking (intuition and creativity) going on as the designer seeks excellent solution(s). The examples given below are from such an exercise, carried out to try to produce new/revitalised paisley patterns for two mainstream fashion outlets with quite different consumer target markets. The designer (Krystina Chapman) talked out loud as she played with ideas and produced the designs.

Think Aloud 1