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Design Process

Recently, I have been trying to come up with an early draft of a design process model for designing new patterns from existing patterns of national/international significance to particular cultures. For example if a designer working for a major retailer was asked to come up with some new Paisley Patterns for a particular range of garments/products aimed at a particular demographic, how should/would they go about this in a way that would facilitate a successful solution within contemporary constraints and which would be acceptable to the culture to which the patterns are representative. I will now show you the first stage draft and invite comments positive and negative but hopefully constructive. No process model can include the vital design factors of intuition and creativity. These are considered implicit in the model and what is shown and looked for is the explicit steps or stages taken. My next blog will show the results of an exercise undertaken by a graphic designer using the model as a basic construct. Please send any comments you wish to make to


Visit to Lakeland Coppice Products

On  1st June  Dr. Dian Li and I went to visit Ian Taylor of Lakeland Coppice Products at his workshop in Windermere. We were also joined by Jeyon Jung from the Lancaster side of Design Routes and she made some very good contributions to our discussion.. I meant to post on this earlier but with Amy on maternity leave I am a bit at sea. By the way, Amy brought her new born son in to see us and he is a smasher (birth weight of 10 lbs and 4 ozs). anyway, back to Windermere. We had a long discussion about coppicing and, in particular, the need for branding British Charcoal. I had no idea  what a useful product charcoal is, not only for lighting fires and barbeques but also for absorbing damp, removing smells and purifying liquids. We are going to attend the next meeting of the  National Coppicing Federation meeting at Grisedale on the 17th October  and make a presentation about how we are going to set a branding exercise for groups of our third level students at the School of Design next session which we are sure will produce a whole range of design solutions for them to choose from. Professor Stuart Walker at Lancaster has also provided some excellent examples of possible design and use directions for this project. Below is a photo of Ian with the current brand images and Ian, Tom and Jeyon visiting the charcoal burning tanks (Dian was on the camera).